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  1. Hm, just realized the video shows the enterprise edition and I have the design edition. I assume this is the explanation for the missing tab?
  2. Hi, I would like to add a table state property to set shipping dates of the introduction tutorial http://simio.talentlms.com/catalog/info/id:121. But I cannot find the complete state tab as shown in the video / attached picture "stateTab.png" in my version 11 of simio. I introduced a standard property of type state "StatePropertyIntroduced.png" ... but then i cannot set the Date/Time when shipping my products with "Orders.ShipDate = TimeNow" in "timeNow.png". Any Idea how to solve the problem? Cheers Ralf
  3. Ok, I will investigate Processes. Thanks!
  4. Thanks! How to start (using servers)?
  5. Hi, I am using Simio V11 and try to implement the "Introduction to Simulation and Scheduling" Course where workstations are used with setup and teardown times. In Simio 10 (Sprint 187 - Final Version 10 Release) workstations were deprecated and it seems that they have been removed completely in V11. How should I implement the workstations from the course? Cheers, Ralf
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