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  1. Hello Can simio use time series data (say from an excel file) as cost input for servers, that updates every hour?
  2. Hello I need to forecast costs using an exponential model and then use it for simulation input. Basically, I want to tell simio that the price for this hour is given by this equation, and this price is used at this place and then minimized as part of response in optquest. Any ideas how this can be done? TIA!
  3. Hello In my simulation model I need to scan rows for maximum value within a column, and then assign this maximum value to say a state variable so I can reference it in the responses to optimize using optquest. It would also be useful if I can add all the values within the column and use that instead for optimization. I am not quite able to figure out how to do this. Would appreciate any help in pointing me towards right direction! TIA!
  4. Thank you for your quick response! I though this was the case and gave each link same weight but results did not change. In animation, I can see all machines being used even though preference given to machine 3, for some reason. I have attached results from the run and it shows all machines were used. But when creating the plan only machine 2 is used. Is there a way to avoid this? I would be happy to share the model file as well if still needed. Thank you in advance. Model4MJ10-08-27-19_Model_ResultsSummary.csv
  5. Hello! I am working to simulate a simple parallel job shop with 4 machines and 10 jobs and different processing times and due dates (everything is deterministic). After I run the model, under results tab, all machines are being utilized and scheduled. However, when I create a plan using the "planning" tab, all jobs are scheduled on a single machine, which is confirmed from the detailed results section within same tab. I have tried backtracking and rebuilding model from scratch but I cannot seem to find why there is this inconsistency with the results for same model, in same run (and acros
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