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  1. Any ideas on how to model a no-fly zone? Specifically, I have vehicles that represent aircraft and use free space only. But, these aircraft need to avoid certain areas or no-fly zones. Is there a way to allow a vehicle to run in free space only, but not go in certain areas? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. This does seem to work!! Thank you for your help!
  3. I have made a small model with the issue. You will see the green MyVehicles start at two nodes. MyVehicle[1] is further away, but will be selected first. I want MyVehicle[2], the closer of the two MyVehicles, to be selected first. I only want the blue Vehicles selected if both MyVehicles are in use. SmallModel.spfx
  4. Thanks for the reply! I think I have implemented this the way you are describing, but the closest of the two vehicle types, either MyVehicle or standard vehicle, is still being selected. If you have any other ideas, they would be greatly appreciated!! Now, I'm trying to play around with "Reserve Best" and a selection condition that might choose the closest of all possible candidate types. I've tried Candidate.Transporter.NetworkDistanceTo.Node(Output@Server) with selection goal of smallest value and this still just picks the closest of the two vehicle types.
  5. The problem simplified: Right now I am trying to create an add-on process for each server to decide if any MyVehicles are not in use, and if true a MyVehicle will be seized based on smallest distance and if false seize a standard vehicle also based on smallest distance. I know how to do the seize steps, but I do not know what to write for the condition in the Decide step. Is it even possible to check if any of a vehicle type are not in use in a decide step? Thanks again!
  6. Hello, In my model, I have two vehicle types. The first type, MyVehicle, is a subclassed vehicle similar to the vehicles in the SimBit Electric Vehicle, except they use Free Space Only. The other type of vehicles are standard vehicles. My problem is when entities seize a vehicle for transport from one server, I want them to seize the closest MyVehicle and only seize a standard vehicle if no MyVehicles are available. The output node at each server is set to select from the transport list which includes both vehicle types. If I set the reservation method to "Reserve Closest" the closest vehicle of either type is reserved and if I set the reservation method to "Reserve Best", MyVehicle[1] will be attempted to be seized even if it is not the closest MyVehicle. I assume there is a way to use an add-on process to control which vehicle is seized, but I am unsure. Just FYI, I have MyVehicles starting at two different HomeNodes, 5 per node. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you! Please let me know if this description is not clear.
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