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  1. Visualize Utilization in Facility Window or Dashboard Reports I have a source – several servers – sink model. It’s a model of an assembly line production meaning that the entity cannot continue to Server 2 if Server 2 is occupied. The servers have different production times and I want to compare the different utilizations of the servers. I did this over the experiment window and the expression Server1.ResourceState.PercentTime(1) . In a next step I want to visualize these utilizations next each other with something like a bar chart. I came up with two possible ways of doing so but both didn’t work. In the facility window with the animation tools like the linear gauge. The problem here is probably that the expression “PercentTime” has no reference to what the overall time is, while the model is running, and therefore the gauge shows constant 100% the whole time. Or in the experiment window in the dashboard reports which doesn’t have percent time as a response. Is there any other way of visualizing the utilization?
  2. Is there also the possibility to get a time distribution of the time between two servers (for example if you run an experiment)?
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