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  1. Hello I mean each vehicle select its next load based on its unique strategy. for example, we define different entity priority lists for different each vehicles. I am trying to differentiate the behavior of the vehicles to select the next load. Regards Amin
  2. Thanks. In a network with multiple vehicles, is it possible to define vehicle-based "Task Selection Strategy" in Transport Logic? i.e. we define different priority list for vehicles? Regards Amin
  3. Thank you @jzhou I could create off shift based your suggestion. Do you have any idea about my two other questions? Regards Amin
  4. Hello I am working on the road transportation problem and I use the vehicles. I have a couple of questions about the vehicle's features and usage. 1) How can I define an Off Shift for the vehicles? 2) How can I extract the total amount of times or distances that a vehicle is traveling empty (without load)? 3) Is there any way to create any response regarding the average performance of all the vehicles used (i.e. average idle time of the vehicles) to perform an experiment? Thanks, Amin
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