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  1. Hello All, This is my first post and I am relatively new to the program, so my apologies if my strategies are not the best. Essentially what i am trying to simulate is a simple picking process with AMRs (automated mobile robots). The ideal workflow is: 1. 3 Totes are created and attached to ARM's shelves 2. Shirts are created and processed through a server (already done) 3. Worker picks 5 shirts from the servers (already done) 4. Worker takes the 5 shirts and places it on the Totes 5. Once the 3 totes are full, the AMR will navigate to an unloading destination so another worker can unload the boxes So i realized that simio does not have any "attach" features where i could attach a box to a robot so instead of attaching, i will just make a combiner near the robot of the totes and shirts that its output leads to the unloading destination via transporter AKA the AMR So far, I have been able to create shirts, put them on servers and have the worker pick and place them. I have been looking into using a Combiner to merge the totes and the shirts, but for some reason the worker keeps fetching totes and not shirts (yes, I set the Batch Quantity to 5, so the worker should fetch 1 totes and 5 shirts right?). I simply need one tote/5shirts and would like the process in that order, in other words, the worker fetches a box places it on the robot ("feeds the parent input of the combiner") and fetches for 5 shirts to place on the box ("feeds the member input of the combiner"). Im more worried about these first steps, i know it may take more understanding to have the robot move once the 3 boxes are full. Any help, helps. Thank you.
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