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  1. Thank you very much for your help, though this does not help me solve my problem, i'll try to explain it a bit better. in my model, a passenger (parent entity) arrives at a separator object with one or multiple batched entities (bags), these then separate from each other. to represent the real system, a tray should also be available to put the bag on (this should be available before the separation starts), i modelled the tray as a vehicle because then i could model the "need for the tray to be available" as a secondary resource. After the separator the tray (with bag) should move on a conveyor through the system, and at the end the tray is taken back to the beginning of the system and the bag leaves the system. so the vehicle does not take the bag to the conveyor, but rather transports the bag on the conveyor. I didn't know how to model this with the tray being represented by another type of object, therefore i choose the vehicle object. I added a simplified version of the part of my model (of the part where i have issues) here, what i would like is that when the tray/bag move through TransferNode 1 (and/or 2) that the bag(modelentity) stays on the tray (transporter). VehicleThrough.spfx
  2. Thank you for your help, though this does not work for my model. The amount of (member)entities that are batched differs (since the amount of bags that a passenger carries with them differs), i am able to make sure the parent entity "knows" how many bags they should batch with at the combiner, but i can only get 1 right member entity to batch. so what i would like to do is give all member entities that "belong to a passenger" a state which is the same as a state for the parent entity (passenger), so this can be used as "match expression".
  3. I want to assign a state variable to the batch members of a parent entity, is this possible? the reason for this: I have 2 types of entities (passengers and bags), they separate, then go through different processes and then are combined again. but since the passenger entities have to be combined with "their own" bags, a state (or something else) should be assigned which can be referenced as "match expression" in the combiner. is this the right way of modeling this type of process? or should i do this another way?
  4. My problem is a bit different, my model now works like yours (the entities are dropped off by the vehicle), but i want the entities to continue on the conveyor wilst being transported on the vehicle. (the vehicle represents a tray and the entity a piece of baggage in an airport security checkpoint).
  5. I am trying to get entities to enter onto a conveyor from different points, like in the "EntitiesEnteringAlongConveyor" Simbit. The only difference is that in my model the entities are traveling on a vehicle. The entities are now being dropped of by the vehicle at the merge points (basicnodes), and i can't get them to stay on. Is there a way to fix this?
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