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  1. Status label can capture the offshift time with expression - ResourceState.TotalTime(4) But same can't be assigned to a State variable of type Real through the Process. Please help.
  2. Is there any way to find the cumulative off-shift time of any server anytime during the simulation run? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank You Jeff. This worked perfectly well as was expected. Appreciate your help.
  4. Thank you Jeff. I will try this and let you know.
  5. I am trying a simple assembly process where 2 entities are to be assembled to create a 3rd Entity. Hence I need to destroy 2 entities arriving at the server and create 3rd pre-defined entity. Can someone please help with how this can be achieved?
  6. Hello, Server (reflecting the storage/kitting area) in my push model is connected to multiple servers. I have below conditions to fulfill while routing entities from an output node of this server - After every 5 minutes, 1. Scan through the sequenced entities at kitting area (output buffer) 2. Scan through the output destinations to check if they have space available for transfer. 3. Route all the possible parts in sequence from the origin server. Can someone help with advice or any reference model to replicate this scenario in Simio. Thanks in advance. -Mohmed
  7. Many thanks CWatson. This worked. I was able to use 'Select from List' from the transfer node.
  8. Hello All, I am new to Simio and trying out a simulation of an aircraft component assembly shop. I am using Sequence table for my jobs routing and processing scenarios which is - Source -> Set A (4 servers) -> Set B (7 servers) -> Set C (5 servers) -> Set D (2 servers) -> Sink Here each Set denotes similar workbenches to any of which a job can be routed based on utilization and availability at that point of time. So for routing job based on above criteria from Source, I created sequence table with 'Node list property' (which is list of input nodes on 4 servers of Set A) instead of 'SequenceDestination Property' as required by Sequence table. I want to replicate the sequencing from Source -> Set A -> Set B and so on. But want simio to pick the server of these sets based on my criterion. Unfortunately it is not working as I assume Sequence table need to have specific node as SequenceDestination. I am not sure if I am doing it right or what is correct and way to do it. I will highly appreciate any suggestions to make this happen in Simio. Thank you. -Mohmed
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