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  1. Hello GFurtado, Thank you so much for replying my questions very comprehensive. In your model, you assume that the value of DesiredSpeed is equal to "random.exponential(1)+1", and then you calculated the movement.rate. I change the following parameters in the attached file, and I have one more question about the "Movement.Rate". 1) Instead of considering "exponential(1)+1" for ModelEntity.DesiredSpeed on State Assignment, I consider the constant value 3 m/s. 2) Also, I add one more source to the model to create congestion on the model (Source 2 has a similar property with Source 1) . When I run the model, "RadarDetectedSpeed" shows the constant number "10800", however, we have congestion. Does it mean that the speed of entities are fixed even we have congestion on the road? I expect that the Movement.Rate shows a larger number on "RadarDetectedSpeed" because speed = (difference distance/difference time), since we have 1) congestion on the road, it takes more time to stay on the road 2) fixed speed, the difference distance should be larger. Thanks, Nadere EntitySpeed1.spfx
  2. Hello, I have a couple of questions regarding the entity speed: 1) As a default, the initial desired speed for ModelEntity is equal to 1.4 m/s. What does it mean? does it mean that all entities have this speed before they move (When they are created)? Is it possible the speed of entity accelerates or decelerates when it enters to the link? If yes, does the entity keep the speed during the path? Also, How does the speed of an entity detect to change when an entity enters a path? Is it random (or follows distribution)? Or based on the distance with the front entity, the speed of entity change? 2) How can I calculate the speed of an entity at each unit of time? (Like Police radar detection) Thanks, Nadere
  3. I have licensed of Simio. Snap to Grid does not work too.
  4. Hello, I want to simulate an evacuation network problem. When a hurricane is imminent, all people want to evacuate the hazard area to safe areas. Therefore, we have a traffic jam (congestion) on the road. So, The speed of vehicles changes based on traffic. I have a couple of questions: 1) Is there any module in the Simio to consider traffic on the road instead of considering waiting time for server or transfer node. I mean that congestion embedded on the road by decreasing the speed of entities. 2) Are there any options to consider congestion such as considering a segment of a road is decomposed into cells based on the free flow velocity and length of discrete time step. By this division, vehicles can move only to adjacent cells in unit time. The connectors between cells are dummy arcs indicating the direction of flow between cells. For example, if 5 hour takes time to drive from the beginning of the road to the end, we put transfer node after each one unite of time (server---> after 1 hour--> transfer node ---> after 1 hour--> transfer node ---> after 1 hour--> transfer node ---> after 1 hour--> transfer node ---> server ). In the path, vehicles drive with fixed speed and path has a fixed capacity. Therefore, we can consider congestion if a vehicle wait to enter the path. I would be really happy if you could let me know how to consider congestion on the road. Thanks, Nadere
  5. Hello, I want to model an evacuation network design problem with Simio. My goal is to consider traffic congestion in the model. Congestion happens when road capacity is not enough for that amount of people immediately leave the source node. I was wondering if you could let me know how to consider capacity for either path or connector. I would be happy if you could share an example with me. Thanks, Nadere
  6. Yes, I am connected to the internet. After pulling down the list of other alternatives and click Ok, I received the above error. What Simio sprint version are you currently using? I am using Simio 9 I just double checked and received the same error. I really appreciate if you could help me.
  7. Hello, I want to put the map of central Texas on Simio. Then, based on the cities and roads, I want to do simulation on my network. First, I click on "Set Map Location" ---> "Address" ---> "Dallas, Tx" when I click Ok, I received the following error: Could not find address 'Dallas, TX, USA'. I was wondering if you could help me. P.S: I tried latitude and longitude and also, other cities in the U.S but I got the same error. Thanks, Nadere
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