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  1. Hi, It is possible to add a tear-down time in a server? I have a server with a capacity over 1, so I would like to add a tear-down time to simulate the cleaning of a bed in a hospital after it was used. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I want to have a source that creates entities according to a date. But also, I want each entity to carry some information like Code, Processing Time and Type. It is possible to do that? And After, how I can use the information that each entity carry? For example, Each entity has their own processing time (according to the table), how I can use that procesing time in a server? Thanks for your help!!!
  3. Hi all!, would you help me with this? I want to do a discrete simulation of the current situation in a Hospital in the inpatient unit. I have the data of one year of patients, (over 18,000 people) and I want to use that data in the simulation. That would make more easy to model the server processing times, while we will use the real server times and sequences that each patient had, instead to use probabilities and distributions for the sequence and server times respectively. So, I created a table where each row represent a patient with a sequence (which bed he was
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