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  1. I would like the above feature as well. Currently using the workarounds listed here but this feature would be quite useful. It would also be useful to be able to return the number of items in the list (something like List.ListName.NumberItems). Thanks!
  2. I had the opposite problem today (trying to get a string from an object reference) and I was able to use the .Name function to do so. I imagine you could check if the object's .Name function output matches the string. This post is very old but I wanted to post a reply here in case it helps someone.
  3. I don't see that option in my right-click menu... see screenshot
  4. Thanks for the reply! For additional context on item 1), I am hoping to have one Conveyor_Custom object subclass that has properties that allow me to configure zone lengths and overall length for each instance that I add to the model. So for example, I'm imagining dropping in a Conveyor_Custom object to the model and then setting Conveyor_Custom.ZoneLength to 12" and Conveyor_Custom.OverallLength to 6', and then having the Conveyor_Custom.InitialTravelerCapacity self-populate from the calculation that is performed by the CapacityCalculation expression (6'/12" = 12 travelers) internal to t
  5. I am trying to set up a custom object subclass for a conveyor that emulates an accumulating conveyor which has configurable "zone" lengths and overall lengths. Zones can be equated to "cells" in Simio. For example, if I have a 6' long conveyor with 12" zones, then I would have QTY 6 zones on the 6' long conveyor, which means a traveler capacity of 6 and a cell count of 6. For a 6' conveyor with 24" zones, I would have QTY 3 zones, traveler capacity of 3 and cell count of 3, and so on. In my custom object subclass, I have custom properties for the conveyor length and zone length. I have a
  6. Wondering this myself. Has anyone solved this in the past 2 years?
  7. To model shelves, I am trying to create a series of custom "Shelf" objects (subclass of servers) located in a grid pattern. I used a spreadsheet to automatically calculate the coordinate locations and generate a name (string) for each object based on its position within the grid. With just the Shelf object types in the spreadsheet, can bind the file to my object reference table no problem, import the data, and populate the facility window with my objects. That part works fine! Next, since I have an aisle running between the rows of objects, I wanted to set it up so that the objects all fa
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