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  1. We try to simulate that every entity, gets a place in the que for either OTC or Prescription and a place in a mixed que. The customers is then called to the cashier when they either is first in que of mixed (cashier1) or first in OTC-que (cashier1) or if the third cashier is open, first in the mixed que. We have tried to combine your aswer with the ranking rules in the server, but it doesn't seem to work since our cashiers (determined by: capacitylogic) doesn't close when no one is waiting over one minute. Is it a wrong way to combine it to get the system as described above?
  2. Hello, We want to assign the entities to different servers. The first server has FIFO selection system, and the second has FIFO with entity type OTC as the first priority, and the third server has FIFO. Furthermore, the servers open and close sometimes, but the entities keep transfering to the closed server. How can we divide them after the described rules? We have tried to get the output node to select from a list of nodes with the input of the different servers, but then the entities always choose server1. OTC-and-prescription-model.spfx
  3. Hi, We want to count the number of time an extra counter is opened in our model. We tried adding and assign step in the capacity-logic process with the New value to NumberCashier +1 which is our state variable name. We tried referencing to it in an output statistic but it showed 0. What are we doing wrong? Apoteksimulering (1).spfx
  4. Hi, We want to track the avererage waiting time from when an entity is created until it allocated to a server. We already have the waiting time in formula TimeNow - Model.Entity, but we can't figure out how to get it in the results grid so that we can see the average waiting time. Apoteksimulering (1).spfx
  5. Hi, The model describes a pharmacy, and we devide the entities in different types when created by a process. The enties are all placed in the Input@Server but will not enter the server and be processed. Can someone help us figure out what are we doing wrong? Model-2.spfx
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