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  1. I'm having trouble calculating the average time between Objects. I know there's some built in function called time in system to get entity totle time in the system. But now I care the time entity spent between nodes. EG: I have entityA, entityB, entitleC, I want to find the entityA average time spent from server1 to the server6, from server1 to the very end, from the very begining to server4? How should I do these, what does the expression look like? I want to add a label to show that numbers dynamically during the run of the model.
  2. Thank you Jeff, you are the best... I used a very silly way to implement it. Now I have your much smarter method...
  3. I have several different types of entities. And I want to see the result if I change the distribution of entity types. EG: senario1: A:10, B:20, C:70 senario2: A:20, B:20, C:60 senario3: A:40, B:20, C:40 I want to run experiments for these 3(Actually I plan to run more and more) different experiments and check the results. I don't know How to do these experiments. Anyone has an idea? Thank you!
  4. Thank you. I used another computer which doesn't have enterprise version simio to open it and it's helpful... I did't know 'Is.xxx' function...
  5. can't open your models. SInce i'm using commercial version/enterprise version... It says commercial version can't open academic/personal version model...
  6. Also, this question may sound silly, but how to make specific type1 go path1, type2 go path2, type3 go path3? I have to create table? or there's an easier way?
  7. Time Path would work but use 3 different paths just a little bit ugly if there's an 'allow passing' option will be better, as in normal path, there's an 'allow passing' option...
  8. I don't think that would work for my situation... But thank you very much. Also, do you any idea that how I can control path speed? Currently there's only a speed limit... For conveyor I can change the speed, but the problem for conveyor is it can't allow passing between items...
  9. I have new question followed, eg: I have item1, item2, item3, serverA and serverB process super fast, but when they go through from server A to server B they have waiting time 3 min, 5 min, 1 min. For server B, I want to process the item who arrives first... But now it seems, item2 and item3 have to wait until item1 is done traveling which is not what I want. Because ideally we want to make improve the utilization of both servers.
  10. I'm simulating a workflow, now between two servers, there's a delay between them, we could understand it as some out-of-control waiting time or simply travel time between 2 servers. I don't know how to set this travel time perfectly. I tried set 'path' speed, but I don't think it setting that can make the time randomly… because in my situation, the delay processing time can be random. I can add another server called 'delay/travel machine' to solve this problem perfectly, but it just looks ugly and weird… So I'm wondering if there's a better solution for this?
  11. Thank you very much, Jeff. So you are saying that I should make up many different schedules in the schedule table first, then running experiments, I can choose different ones to test, right? That helps and definitely would work for me. But it's more manual, not like in OptQuest, I can just set lower bound and upper bound to kinda automatically run the experiments... Do you know any ways to do that? Even there's not, your method is still great for me! Thank you again!
  12. Hi all, I met some questions in building the model. It seems a very general quesiton but I didn't find any solution from internet... I'm building a general workflow model. I want to decide the quantity of a server to optimize the workflow. I want to use experiments or optquest to get the 'best' number for each server. If I set the capacity type as Fixed, then I can set the initial capacity as ''referenced property'', then I can use this as control in experiments/optquest. However, I have a work schedule for each server now which means I couldn't set the capacity type as Fixed. And then I couldn't set capacity as ''referenced property''. I don't know how to control this capacity in my experiments/optquest. I know I can change the 'value'(which means the capacity) in workschedule table. But I can not change this number flexible in experiments... Or I don't know how to set this value as ''referenced property'' . Is there anyone who could help me with this? Thanks a lot!
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