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  1. Hi, Thanks for the comments. Brief update, somehow I figured out I can do that by setting the transporter selection condition as "(ModelEntity.DestinationNode.AssociatedStation.CurrentCapacity - ModelEntity.DestinationNode.AssociatedObject.Server.InputBuffer.Content) > 0". Then, it will have the result as I want. However, one new issue comes up. When the worker pass a certain entity (let's say server A does not have capacity now, so the worker pass the product A, and goes to deal with other product. ), the passed entity will sit in the queue like forever. The worker will continue to move the new arrived entity, but will not touch the passed entity even the server A has the capacity later. What should I do to ask the worker go back to move the passed entity? I'm new to Simio. Thanks for the help. Best,
  2. Hi, I have different type of entities queue up at an server output content waiting for a worker comes to pick them up for further process. After picking up, each entity will be sent to the corresponding location for further process. Ex: Product A goes to Server A, Product B goes to Server B ...etc. Can I pick up the entity based on the condition of capacity remaininig of the destination? Ex: Suppose we have 4 products A, B, A, C queue up. When the worker comes to pick up the first product A, he will check the capacity remainig of the destination Server A. If there is still capacity in the Server A, then go. If there is no capacity in the Server A, the worker go check the second product B and see if there is capacity in the Server B... etc. Can someone give me some idea how I can do this? Thanks for the help!
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