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  1. Hello, I have recently encountered an issue while simulating an airport checkpoint and thus leading to the following question: Is it possible to match member and parent priorities under certain conditions? I am trying to differentiate between those travelers (parent entity) and baggage (member entity) going though an additional screening process prior to exiting the model. Take the following image as an example. I managed to provide a priority (red status label) to those entities going through the additional screening while also providing a rule for those with a priority of 5 to exit thou
  2. Hello, I have been utilizing SIMIO for a couple of months, however I am relatively unfamiliarized with some of the features. I have recently encountered a difficulty while simulating an airport screening checkpoint. Take the attached picture as a reference. I have entities arriving from a single Source, processed initially at Server 1, and then following a series of separators and additional servers along the way. At Separator 1, the member (luggage) is separated from the parent (passenger). (Luggage is created by a "create" step in an add on process, rather than at its own Source). Howe
  3. Hello, I have been utilizing SIMIO for a couple of months, but I am still relatively new to some of the features and I recently encountered a difficulty that leads me to the following question. Is it possible to include an entire table in the model as a reference property in an experiment? I have a Table that controls the capacity of all servers at specific intervals within the simulation time, but I would like to include a warm up period in my simulation. The only manner I encountered to make this possible is through an experiment. The attached picture shows the Table, but there a
  4. I appreciate your help as it solved the problem! However, I have one more question. When I apply the rule for only two separators there is no issue, but when I try to apply it to multiple separators a new challenge is encountered. Take the new picture as a reference. Instead of having one server being linked to two different separators, now I have multiple servers (Server 2-7) linked to a shared transfer node that is linked to multiple separators (Separator 3-8). If I apply the same rule, when all the separators are in the active position (value of 1), all the entities are prone to use separa
  5. I have been utilizing SIMIO for a couple of months, but I am still relatively new to some of the features. One of the problems that I have recently encountered in my simulation is entities taking a path even when the receiving node (a separator) has an off shift rule. Specifically, I determine the availability of the separators based on 5 minute intervals with a TimeIndexedRow table reference. The attached image accurately represents my dilemma while simulating an airport checkpoint. The passengers are first processed in Server 1 and subsequently proceed into the paths leading to either
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