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  1. Heya, At the moment, I got a model in which trucks are following each other, and able to catch-up...till they reach a certain distance between each other. When they reach the desired distance I managed to set the same speed by using the following assign step: ModelEntity.Movement.Rate, new value: ModelEntity.NextEntityAheadOnLink.Movement.Rate. But whenever the entity ahead leaves the links, I obvioulsy get an error. So I would like to know how I let this entity check if there's any Entity ahead? Thanks in advance :).
  2. Heya, I am experiencing some difficulties, with something that I would like to model. In short I would like to model the following: One road going from A to B by using a source and a Sink. Only trucks (entities) will be on this road, and they will be able to notice which truck is the most nearby. The truck is looking for another nearby ruck to group up with, and will try to form a couple, "Truck Platooning". Until one of them decides to make a turn to a different destination (passes a node, and decides to move to a different sink). During this time the following truck will safe fuel and thus costs. At the moment I am quite stuck with the following. I would like to make use of the find step and vectors. But there are not that many examples around on how to properly use them. I would like to let the entities update their location.x every second in the vector. Meanwhile the entities will use the findstep to find the nearest entitiy, and select this entity to 'catch-up' with. How do I make a list of these entities, and keep updating their location?
  3. Thanks for your reply! That's something that worked indeed. Although I'd like to model it in a different way. At the moment I am trying to store the location.x of each entity in a vector, and keep this updated by using an add-on process with a loop. From there I would like to let every entity use the find step, to look for the lowest value in the list for location.x - (their own location.x). When this is done, they should switch to a boolean state in which they are trying to "couple". If this is true, these entities will not show up in the previous list with the lowest location.x. When this boolean state is active, I would like to let the entity behind speed up, until the distance between the targeted entity is for instance "1m", after that they should proceed with the same desired speed. I did find some interesting simbits which does something similar like "FindAMinimumStateValue.spfx", although. Instead of updating serverprocessing times, I would like to store the location.x of each created modelentity. Is there any way to do this?
  4. Heya! I'm quite new to Simio, At the moment, I am wondering in what way I should model the following: Im trying to model a simple roadway, with entities being able to catch up with one entity ahead and keeps following this entitiy to form a sort of "train". At the moment I am using decides steps such as: ModelEntity.NetworkDistanceTo.NextEntityAheadOnLink< "certain distance" --> if true ModelEntity.Movement.Rate +0.5. But this solution only sort of works when im using one path. I know there is something like ModelEntity.Location.X, which should work wherever the entity should be. So, is there any smart way to 'connect' the entities (with a maximum number of entities able to connect) And how to I make them accelerate so they are able to catch-up?
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