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  1. Thanks, CWatson, I reviewed the 'LogicBasedOnEntityState', therefore, I only can flag one type of ModelEntity for each bus. How I can specify multiple types of entities with the unique distribution; for example, the first bus; 0.3 Adults, 0.3 Teens and 0.4 Seniors, and the second bus 0.4 Adults, 0.2 Teens and 0.4 Seniors? May I link bus number with a table of entities profile, for instant?
  2. I want to simulate a touring group utilizing 2 different buses to the same destiny, concurrently there are multi-types of model entities with a unique percentage distribution; "Adult, Teen and Senior", passengers. Finally, at arrival, both groups unloaded from their buses at the same time. My Question is: How I can to batch each group in a separate assembling area, so then they would follow a different group routing? I studied the "Combiner Node" example in the SimBit, can I do it without parent priority logic?
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