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  1. How do you use the transfer step to bring an entity from a path to another node. Currently at the reached end condition of the path I created a Transfer Step process that moves it to another node. I keep getting the error "The entity's current location '[EndOfLink] Path3' is invalid for attempting the specified transfer request". When I set From to EndOfLink I cannot fill any 'To' options. What do I do?
  2. The last part is supposed to be Input@Station1.EntryQueue.
  3. What are the settings that Search, Release and Destroy must have? The station I wish to delete things from is called Station1. I know that for Search the Collection Type must be Queue State. Am I to search for Station1.AllocationQueue, Input@Station1.AllocationQueue or Input@Station1? For Release my object type is currently set to specific and the object name is Server1. Is this correct and do I need to do anything under the advanced settings? For Destroy which destroy type should I use? Thanks
  4. Is there a way to check if a server/workstation etc. is operational, failure or in setup? If so what is the syntax?
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