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  1. Am I missing something? One can create a Tally Statistics element for the MODEL and for the ModelEntity. I have not been able to come up with an example that requires a Tally Statistic for the ModelEntity. Can anyone suggest such a usage? Thank you
  2. In the book by SMITH/STURROCK/KELTON, in Section 7-3, the authors warn against manually changing the arrival rate from one period to the other. They state that it will give wrong results at the transitions. The recommendation is to use Rate Tables. Is my guess correct ? Say we have 2 periods of 1 hour each, one with mean = 100 and one with mean = 200. If we use Rate Tables, Simio will use the rate 100 in the first hour BUT will only generate arrivals during the first hour. If we use a manually set rate and change it to 200 after 1 hour, it is possible that in the last few minut
  3. Maybe I am missing something but is there a way to plot events as and when they happen? There are two ways this could be done: 1) Choose a State Variable and ask SIMIO to show you its value on the vertical axis and the time it happens on the horizontal axis. At the moment, this can happen, but we get a continuous line and not dots. Events need to be seen as at an instant in time. 2) If no state is available, say I want to plot the arrival events to find when they are taking place (checking the distribution), we can agree that an event has a value of 1. Attached is a dotted s
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