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  1. Hello! I want to make the simulation model which illustrates about the interference time about three kinds of truck. And such trucks enter the warehouse and head to the specific loading spot to do forwarding operation with one goods among four kinds. That is why interference time occur, by which I mean that I have to make model to find the most suitable spot for each goods forwarding activity by switching each spot. However I can not find the accurate properties avoiding each other objects at path, or even allocating several time delay on the situation that they encounter. Anyway, I want to see object avoid each other by decelerating its speed and calculate overall time delay at the result tab. (20 seconds per each interference) If I can apply the time delay, the kind of the object does not matter. I already tried to make the entities play a role as the truck that works mentioned above, but that trial was failed because there are no property to decelerate, or avoid at least.. I sincerely want my dear SIMIO to achieve a success in this modeling.. Thank you!
  2. Thanks to your help, I modified my model. Thank you very much for your insightful inspiration! isThereInputBufferCapa_fixed.spfx
  3. This model has property that can not be accessed by me .. Server -> Other processing option -> ResourceEfficiencyRule -> Minimum Is this property for Enterprise version?
  4. Hello, I'm college student preparing the contest sponsored by "KOREA SOCIETY FOR SIMULATION". So I'm making model which has no input buffer , just remaining on the path. But the issue is that, if i set the input buffer as 0, the source makes entities only two, which is the sum of the sever's capacity.... I have seen that kind of model at the jsmith.co , but my model doesn't act like that.. What should I do for my model? isThereInputBufferCapa.spfx
  5. Hi! I'm sea, making some user-defined selection rule. I wonder that what is the exact meaning of "based on entity ID" in your question. is it same as creation sequence, like order date? I know original value expression was "Candidate.Entity.Priority" in the dynamic selection rule. But I'm not sure that is oriented from arrival sequence at specific buffer.
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