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  1. Hello, I ran into a similar problem and am finding it difficult to construct a match expression for the combiner. I want to model a gear assembly GA(parent node) with gear g1, g2, and g3 (all connected to member node). But, there is some upstream variation affecting mating of gears. So, business process is binning them say g1-bin1 through g1-bin5. Similarly g2-bin1 through g2-bin5 and g3-bin1 through g3-bin5. I am currently using matching bin expression but stuck with the combiner is giving me GA1 = g1-bin2, g1-bin2, g2-bin2 which is wrong. How can I tweak so that I can get GA1 = g1-bin2, g2-bin2, g3-bin2. To be clear - There are thousands of g1, g2 and g3 (outsourced parts). I do not want to match some 'source entity counter' because that would assign a unique number to each gear and over-constrain the matching process. Again this might be a rather simple problem but as a beginner modeller I would appreciate a quick hint. Thanks, Hrushi
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