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  1. Hi Tulach, I have a process attached to the output@server1 and as such each entity is sent to a random cart and based on the cart number a specific worker picks up the package to the respective destination cart.
  2. Thanks Gocken, I appreciate the answer, I have seen the model you proposed, My problem is specific to my objective and replacing worker object isn't an option unfortunately. Increasing their capacity will deviate from the real scenario I am trying to model so , won't be able to pull that off either. I will however, try to play around with the dwell time as you suggested . I want to imitate a real life scenario where the path you see in the model is a gravity roller conveyor that isn't motorized. As a result the workers (worker3 and worker4) which are furth
  3. Hi I am currently working on modeling a facility whose description I provide below and attach its simio file to this message: 1)There are Two entities each titled 'Small Package' and 'Large Package' that enter the system through a Server titled 'Shooter' 2) Four worker elements take the incoming packages to 16 Sinks titled as 'Carts' 3) I have set up a process at the Output@Server1 so that each worker element serves a specific set of Carts Worker 1 -> Cart1, Cart2, Cart 3, Cart 4 Worker 2 -> Cart 5, Cart 6, Cart 7, C
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