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  1. Hi Tulach, I have a process attached to the output@server1 and as such each entity is sent to a random cart and based on the cart number a specific worker picks up the package to the respective destination cart.
  2. Thanks Gocken, I appreciate the answer, I have seen the model you proposed, My problem is specific to my objective and replacing worker object isn't an option unfortunately. Increasing their capacity will deviate from the real scenario I am trying to model so , won't be able to pull that off either. I will however, try to play around with the dwell time as you suggested . I want to imitate a real life scenario where the path you see in the model is a gravity roller conveyor that isn't motorized. As a result the workers (worker3 and worker4) which are further down the line in my model don't always need to come to the very Output of Server1(Shooter) after placing a package onto a cart. But can instead be able to collect packages from near their vicinity and place them accordingly to respective carts
  3. Hi I am currently working on modeling a facility whose description I provide below and attach its simio file to this message: 1)There are Two entities each titled 'Small Package' and 'Large Package' that enter the system through a Server titled 'Shooter' 2) Four worker elements take the incoming packages to 16 Sinks titled as 'Carts' 3) I have set up a process at the Output@Server1 so that each worker element serves a specific set of Carts Worker 1 -> Cart1, Cart2, Cart 3, Cart 4 Worker 2 -> Cart 5, Cart 6, Cart 7, Cart 8 Worker 3 -> Cart 9, Cart 10, Cart 11, Cart 12 Worker 4 -> Cart 13, Cart 14, Cart 15, Cart 16 4) I have used paths elements to keep track of worker distance covered over the period of time I run the simulation 5) I have also placed 8 Transfer Nodes whose locations will be clear on viewing the attached file. My questions are as follows: Q.1) Say worker 1 collects his first package and goes to place it on to cart 4, can worker 1 than collect the next package for say cart2 from the transfer node close to cart 2? Essentially I would like the workers to move as less as possible because in reality they just pick packages from in front of the respective carts. Is there a smart way to do this keeping my process logic for Output@Server1 intact? Q.2) Currently I have my experiments monitor Utilization of workers, their Idle time and distance covered. I would love to hear from experts here as to what other Responses might be good yard sticks that can help better understand the efficiency of the system or its bottle necks? Thanks, Best Regards, 16sinks_edit3.spfx
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