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  1. Hi,

    Have an issue relating to trying to track a segmented entity with the camera. I've attached a very simple model that demonstrates the problem. As soon as i set the draw type to 'Segemented' the camera tracking just doesn't work.


    One possible solution i am aware of is to simulate the segmented object as individual entities. In the context of what i'm trying to do this creates a lot of additional complexity that i don't want to address.


    Any other bright ideas?




    Camera Tracking Segmented Entity.spfx

  2. I've attached a small model that demonstrated a very simple example of the behavior you're after. The entities divert in only 1 dimension (X). The entities periodically recheck (every second) whether they've crossed a defined X threshold. When they cross the threshold they divert in the Y direction in either a positive or negative direction (using Random.Discrete) and then resume course towards the destination.


    Hope this is helpful.



    Free Space Diversion.spfx

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