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  1. Hello. I'd like to change the value of timer time interval dynamically. I have manufacturing order table which Columns are orderID, PartType, Quantity and ReleaseDate. The model has only one workstation and three resources. When the order is arrived, check which part type is going to process. If part type is A or B, Just process. If part type is others, wait until specific date time and process. To do this, I created a timer element which interval is state type property. However, the value of interval never change during the run
  2. I've followed your suggestion, but still cannot change the timer offset .. I attached model below.. Thank you. Resource (1).spfx
  3. The Workstation release problem is solved Thank you so much. By the way, is it impossible to change Time Offset in timer element during model running? I' ve just tried to dynamically change the state variable, SchduledDateTime during run-time, but the changed value is not considered .. I mean, I made a button which fire a event to change the value of ScheduledDateTime to later time. During running the simulation, I clicked the button and check the value to change using Status label. The problem is .. the value was changed in the status label, b
  4. Thank you:) I didn't know Resource.currencapcity state variable exists. Actually one of the problems in my model was PartA seize the workstation even though PartA is transferred to _StationForA. I Though It could be fine workstation is released before PartA is transferred, but the error message below apeared..
  5. I thought station is better than storage. So, I use station and timer element, but It doesn't work. I attached brief model below.. Thank you. Resource.spfx
  6. Change the question , capacity of a resource is zero until 2018-10-07. Until resource is available, partA is waiting in inputbuffer of server and partB is being processed. I don't know how to process the server , not waiting for secondary resource.. where I'm in stock is. .workstation is only waiting for a secondary resource because the associaed entity is in front of the queue. Does anyone know how to change the order of the entity in this situation?
  7. Hello! Is there any possible way to change the order of queue depend on the datetime state variable? I have datetime state variable; jut simply set 2018-10-07 0:00:00 There are two entities called partA and partB and they are created following arrival table which has release column. So,partA and partB go to inputbuffer of a server, but partA just wait in the inputbuffer, not goes into the server until 2018-10-07. after the specific time, all of the partA move to the front of the inputbuffer and enter the server. I'm trying to do that using new stati
  8. Hello, there! I'm quite new to Simio. I saw "SchedulingDiscretePartProduction" example recently and noticed that there was B2MML data schema which was very impressive. So, What i have wondered is whether the data schema in the example is exactly same as B2MML data schema. Or, are there some changes from original schema? In addition, does anybody know where to get some information about B2MML data schema? Thank you. Jay.
  9. Thank you .. this is amazing stuff. By the way, is it possible to import and export Process step as well?
  10. I coudn't consider Selection condition is suitable for it. Thank you so much
  11. Hello. I'm quite new to make process logic in Simio. I have 3 Servers(server1, server2, server3) and the entity travel from server1 to server2 and server3 in order by Vehicle1. The server2 and server3 do not have any buffer; zero input buffer and zero output buffer. So, I need a process which controls deadlock. I thought when the destination of Vehicle1 is Output@Server1, check whether server2 has an entity in processing buffer. If it has, again, check server3 has an entity in processing buffer. So, my conditions are below when the destination of Vehicle1 i
  12. Hi, there. I'm very interested in Customizing objects. What I'm trying to customize is a vehicle which has more than one station. I have added some stations on the vehicle and tried an entity is stored in that new station when the vehicle picks up an entity. I know there is a ridestation in the standard vehicle. So, my plan is, first, entities are stored in ridestation then it goes to new stations I made, and when the vehicle arrives at destination node, the entities move to RideStation again , then drop off. are there any process logic to do that?
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