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  1. I have created a simio model with a big amount of conveyors and i would to change the desired speed of this conveyors while the simulation is running. Is it possible import data with the model is running and change the variable Desiredspeed associated the conveyors? Regards. Thanks you.
  2. Hi everyone, My name is Sergio Hern√°ndez and I'm doing my university final project with SIMIO and i found it some problems doing it. I'm trying to simulate a bottling line with conveyors, but the problem is that in real, in some tracts, the bottles through in the line in parallel position. How can i obtain that two or more entities flow through the line? Is it possible? P.S.: Is it possible to extract entities properties like size of the entity (x,y,z) to export this data? Thank you very much in advance, i look forward to your answer. Best Regards, Sergio.
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