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  1. Thanks, Goken for the informed suggestion.
  2. Thank you so much MEagar, I appreciate your reply, it really helped.
  3. Hi, I made a simple warehouse-retailer model with a source(warehouse), two servers(retailers), and a sink, where the entities(products) are carried from the source to the servers using a single vehicle. The current capacities(demand value at the retailer) of the servers changes after a specific time interval(12-hours and simulation run time of100 days). The Input and Output buffer capacities of both the servers are set to zero. The vehicle leaving the source (Home node) returns back only after serving the respective current capacities of the servers one after the other. As each entity enters the server, its capacity is reduced by 1 unit ultimately reaching zero-current capacity when the full capacity is served. The problem I encounter is that sometimes after my vehicle leaves the source, the current capacity value of the server changes and the new value might be smaller than the previous current capacity value. So my vehicle stays at the input node of the server with the extra entities carried until a new current capacity value is assigned, instead of moving to the next server with whatever entities are left in the vehicle. I don't intend to change the vehicle speed or time interval for capacity changes to rectify this issue. For example, the current capacity values of the servers at time period 1 are Server 1 = 10 & Server 2 = 12. So the vehicle carries 10+12=22 entities from the source to the server 1. Now while the vehicle is moving towards Server 1, if the current capacity changes to Server 1 = 8 & Server 2 = 12, the vehicle stays at server 1 after serving the 8 units and the remaining 14 units stays within the vehicle instead of moving to the next server to serve its capacity. Screenshot of the model is attached. Could anyone help me with this issue? I would really appreciate your support as I have been trying to fix this issue for a while.
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