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  1. Yeah, it is fairly important that it is sequence-based due to the fact that there are three different entities (created by probability) depending on what they order at the restaurant. E.g. if cheeseburger menu has a 60% to be ordered. 60% probability to create an entity that follows each sequence/stations needed to create a cheeseburger menu unlike if the entity would be an icecream entity (20% probability) since this entity will skip most of the kitchen stations. @gocken
  2. Hi. I need help with my model regarding conditional routing. The intention with conditional routing for my model is that the entities keep choosing Server1 until the entities in queue exceed 3. Then they must choose Server2 until Server2 > 3. However, I have made a sequence-based model and I don't know how to put the conditional routing as a part of their sequence route.
  3. Hello Simio Insiders! Currently, our group is working on a project regarding queue-systems and how to optimize them. We´ve chosen to look at Burger King and how they operate. Here, we would like to come up with a few suggestions (through simulation) about how they can do things differently. For example, how an extra worker would affect the queue or how a decrease from 5% to 1% in machinery failure can affect their revenue. We’ve managed to set up a rather simple model with the source, the order point, three different stations depending on what the customer orders (set up with discrete distribution) and a sink. We´ve also added a worker entity as seen in our model. The reasoning behind this is that the worker enters the order point when the customer sets the order and then follows the path to either one of the three following stations depending on what the customer has ordered. However, our current problem is that the worker passes by all three nodes every time an order is placed and he ends up at the same station every time as well (3rd station). We would really appreciate any kind of feedback that we can get. We’ve watched multiple YouTube videos concerning Simio, but we haven’t really found a video that highlights these exact problems that we’re mentioning. Best regards, Haris Sabic Model - Haris Sabic.spfx
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