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  1. Hi, I'm currently working on the attached model, and currently i have a lot of trouble on making the two operators prioritize the B2C entities. I hope that somebody can help me fix this issue. Just a brief rundown of the model: each day freight arrives at 8.00 and this triggers the sources for B2C and B2B to feed a number of entities, with a corrosponding distribution into the system. Upon the entities arrival to the two "AT-servers" the two operators should prioritize the completion of all B2C entities, before moving to ATB2B. If new entities arrives at the ATB2C server, and the operators is situated at ATB2B, they should interrupt that process and focus on ATB2C. The prioritizing and interruption is based on the simbit: InterruptibleOperator.spfx Best regards Kasper MySimio.spfx
  2. Thank you! That was really helpful! One question though; how do you assing the priority to the attached status label?
  3. Hi, I am strugling with how to prioritize entities on a server, so that one always will be processed first. No matter what i've tried it always seems to prioritize wholesale_retur first. Please see the attached photo for reference. Best regards Kasper
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