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  1. Hi, I have used the SimBit "InterruptibleOperator" where i have set the process time on the servers to be a fixed one (200 sec at server 1 and 300 sec at server 2). I have further more changes the Interarrival time on source1 to be 1 day and the entities per arrival to 50. The Interarrival time on source2 to be 1 day and the entities per arrival to 100. (Look at the linked file) Then when i checked the process time on the server in results it was not 200 sec and 300 sec as had set it to in the server. I think the operator is the one to blame for this, but how can i get the right result in results? I have tryed to remove the operator and the process connected to it, and then i got the right process time. I however still need the operator, so need a solution to get the process time and keep the operator. InterruptibleOperator - process time - resultat1.spfx
  2. Thank you very much, it way very helpful.
  3. Sry i said it should be 100 each day, that was just a mean which i dont want to use. I would like the rate table to make 100 day one, 98 day two and 102 day tree, and a mean cant be used, cause i need to model the reality in the process. And as mentioned before, should the source make all the entities from the table at ones (when the workday starts).
  4. I can see that column of rate is "Rate(events per hour)", but i need it to be per day, how do i get around this problem?
  5. Hi, I have a source with a rate table, it is set to make an output of 100 entities every day. The problem is that the entities comes out one at a time trough that day, but they should all arrive together at the start of the day, so that the servers has the whole day to process them.
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