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  1. Hi, i want to set a state array to default. How do i do it ? For example, during the run i assign different states to some rows of the array. But then, it is necessary to set all rows to default (1 for example). Do i have to write a complete prozess for this or does a function exist? Best regards
  2. Hi Indsiders, after 30 hours of simulation i get this error message from a DB Write Step: Exception from Step "StepName" execution.Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I dont know why i get this error, cause all entities before where able to execute this step. Is someone able to give me an adivise with this informations ? Beste regards, Benjamin
  3. Hi Caleb, thx for your answer. Iam trying it with the resever step, as you told me. The next problem ist, that i select the Entity, which should reserve the station next with a sql database. I can only choose the Owner Object in the reserve step statically (advanced Options). I need something like a dynamic expression for example ( Object Owner: Entity.UniqueID == i ). How can i do this. I assume, it can be realised with an reference, but i seriously don't know how. Can u help me? Best regards, Benjamin
  4. Hello indsiders, I have the following problem, which i broke down for better understanding: The next time Server2 is free, it should select the red entity with the priority 1 (Dynamical labels notify the Entity.Priority) even if the red entity has not reached the input buffer of Server 2 at that specific time. It seems like i need a ranking expression that says: Server2 select Entity.Priority == 1 out of the input buffer. If there is no Entity that matches this condition wait until a entity with the matching condition arrives in the input buffer. I tried the seize, allocate and reserve step. But nothing is realy acceptable. I assume it's an easy problem, but after several hour of trying i gave up :(. Can someome help me ? Best regards, Benjamin
  5. Hello, when i use an Excelwrite step to write something into an Excel Sheet (xlsx) all works fine . However, when i convert the Excel sheet into an Excel Sheet with Macros (xlsm) the data is corrupted after the simio run. Can someone tell me how to write into an Excel.xlsm Sheet with the given ExelWrite Step ? Best regards, Benjamin
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