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  1. Hi Jeff, I am studying your model right now and I would like to kindly ask you If you could explain to me some aspects of it. 1. when you add the InfrequentFailureType property inside the multifailureserver model, why is this property a list? I do not understand this. 2. If I want, in this case, my FILLERS, to have 2 types of failures, both triggered by amounts of weight filled to container entities (this is the ideal, but it could also be by number of times that filler fills the container entity), what should I have to change from your model? Thank you so much! Tere
  2. Thanks Gustavo, actually what worked for me was ContainerEntity.Location.Parent.Name! Anyway thank you very much. I have another doubt which I think is far more complicated. I have two "streets" with a container entity moving moving along each of them. This streets have both fillers and emptiers, and I wish to write in excel every time a container entity goes from a filler to an emptier and how long that took. For example if my container on street 1 goes from filler_2 to emptier_6 I would like a row in excel with those 3 columns: starting filler, ending emptier and time between. I achieved this without problem for one of the streets (adding add on process triggers to all of the fillers and another for all of the emptiers). The thing is when I add this same processes to the emptiers/fillers of street 2, my excel goes crazy and obviously because of two reasons: the time I register to calculate time between is being updated in both streets every time a container goes out of an emptier, and exactly the same happens with the row that this 3 things have to be written in the excel. I don't know hoy I can manage to construct the variables time and row_count without them getting confused and hence my excel becoming useless. Thanks, again!!!
  3. Hi Allyson! I am trying to get ModelEntity.CurrentStation as a string, and when I put ModelEntity.CurrentStation.Name it returns, for example, Processing if what I actually want is Filler63.Processing. Actually I only want Filler63 as a string but I don't know how to get that. Could you help me out? thanks!!!
  4. Gustavo, how can I register ContainerEntity.CurrentStation as a string? As to write it in excel with excel write step afterwards. Thanks again!
  5. Hi, I have several sources that create the same container entity, yet every container entity created carries out different tasks throughout the model. I would like to change properties of specific container entities, for example, each time the container entity in "lane 1" gets filled, it changes the speed of that container entity (not of all the population of container entities). How can I do this? Thank you!!!
  6. Hi Willem! I wanted to know if you found out how to create the 8 models that have to use the same processes but have different data tables and layouts (not manually). Thank you!! Tere
  7. Hi!! I want to know in which object (in this case filler) my container entity is when certain event occurs. Is there a way to access this info? Thank you so much! Teresita
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