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  1. Aytac, Investigate using Task Sequence with a Server object, available in Simio 7.119 and later. There are many SimBits which can assit you in getting up to speed, in addition to our Help. You can access SimBits (small models which documentation that illustrate a concept or feature) via the Support ribbon of the software, or at <C:\Users\Public\Documents\Simio>. Happy modeling! [/] Alex
  2. SpiceSimu, If possible, I'd suggest downloading more current software to see the referenced SimBit with the Server. Likely, the reason you do not see "TimeSetup" metrics reported is that your matrix contains all zeros (0), therefore no changeover time. Furthermore, your implementation does not use the Changeover Logic element, therefore, there will not be an entry for the element. For creating multiple entities per arrival event, investigate the Source property Entities Per Arrival. In addition, you may consider an alternative Arrival Mode. If you do use a Sever to aid in modeling changeover, Dynamic Selection Rule may be of interest to you. [/] Alex
  3. SpiceSimu, It looks like you are off to a great start, here are some ideas to consider. First, let's talk about changeover: Consider using a Server instead of the deprecated Workstation object. At the Server, you can use Task Sequences to model set-up (i.e. sequence dependent set-up), as a specific task. Take a look at the SimBit called ServerWithSequenceDependentSetup. Remember, you can access SimBits via the Support ribbon, or by finding the following directory on your machine: <C:\Users\Public\Documents\Simio\SimBits>. When you use an approach like the one above, you will see statistics about set-up reported in Results (tab) > Pivot Grid. Relevant results will be displayed, by default, at the fixed object (e.g. Server > Resource State > TimeSetup) and the changeover logic element. About the idea of processing in batches, you might start by exploring the Combiner and Separator objects. I suggest that you look into SimBit CombineThenSeparate. In your model, you may have multiple Combiners or a single Combiner with table references. Our Combiner object requires a Parent Entity, you could consider this an order or a box for your parts/products. I hope this information helps! Happy modeling. [/] Alex
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