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  1. @ResultLand I understand. I am not sure about the level of success you will have with these suggestions, but they may be worth a try. Nevertheless, in the time that you vet these processes, it may be just as easy to re-create your entity in the new model. (1) You could try deleting the new model ModelEntity from the Navigation pane, then rename your entity of interest to ModelEntity. (2) From your old model, save a version which just contains the entity of interest (delete all other objects in the Navigation pane), then load the file as a library in the new model after deleting the default ModelEntity from the new model. Finally, use the subclass feature to subclass your entity of interest and use newly created entity (from the subclass feature of your entity of interest) in the model. Subclassing the entity will allow you to manipulate the entity object definition, as you would expect. I hope this information helps. Thanks for using the forum. Regards, Alex
  2. Janik, Okay, please let us know what the issue was when you discover it – now I am very curious. If you would like more assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out. Attaching some images of the assign-step logic and the error may be helpful if you do need further assistance. As always, best wishes with your modeling endeavors.
  3. Hi, Janik! Thank you for using the Simio Forum. First, if your logic uses any user-defined state variables, ensure that those state variables have been created in the new model (in ModelEntity > Definitions > States). If your problem persists, you may have copied the ModelEntity (and/or ModelEntity references) from your previous model, which may be the source of your error. In that case, you need to replace any references from the old ModelEntity to the new ModelEntity. You may be interested to know that you can right-click on the model object in the Navigation pane and select Object References > View to see if there are in fact competing ModelEntity definitions. Best, Alex
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