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  1. Hi Simio Is there a way to make a workstation not use resources when it is failed? The resources it was using at the point of failure will then need to be reallocated after it is fixed. Best Kevin
  2. Christine, I tried this and I think it creates the new entities but they are not leaving the workstation that they are created in. Where do I create the add-on process to ensure that all of the operations (setup, processing and teardown) occur on the single part, and THEN two separate entities are made? Kevin
  3. Hi Simio, I have asked a few questions on here already; they all relate to the subject of this thread. I thought I would list all of my problems in this one thread instead. I have a task to cost model using various machining environments to machine titanium alloy so that we can find the cheapest one and I have hit dead ends when trying to model some quite simple things. The problem: I want to model the mixing of concentrate with water to create machining lubricant. This lubricant will then be used during processing on a workstation, where the majority of the lubricant is recycle
  4. Hi Simio, Is it possible to model a block of raw material being turned into a part and swarf? I.e. a single part entity being split into two different part entities? Thanks Kevin
  5. Thanks for your reply Dave! I like the idea of your second suggestion, as I am unfamiliar with using Data tables in Simio. Kevin
  6. Is there a way to simulate using a resource intermittently during processing? For example, a machining process involves cutting moves at the specified feed rate and it also includes "rapid" non-cutting moves. The cutting tool will only be consumed during the cutting moves and will not be consumed during the rapid moves, but all of these moves are encompassed in the term "processing" Is there a way of modelling this behaviour in Simio? Best Kevin
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