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  1. With a decide step just before the release step in my process logic, I was able to test if the worker is seized. The condition I used is : ServerName.Processing.Contents.FirstItem.SeizedResources.Contains(WorkerName[1]). So thanks a lot! It's exactly what I needed!
  2. Hi everybody! I have a server where 3 workers or less are seized at te same time to complete the processing. In the "After_processing" process logic I would like to verify if a resource is indeed seized or not before to try to release it. I tried to use State variables which I give specific values at some strategical steps but I still have failures that occurs once in a while. I have no clue on how to do else. Could someone help me to find a "clean"way to do it ? Thank's in advance! Pierre
  3. Hello every body, I try to model a 3 servers process and I'm getting some trouble. The model is composed of 3 servers and 3 operators . Each operator is a "specialist" for a server, Worker 1, 2, 3 for the server 1, 2, 3 respectively. However the workers 2 and 3 can help the worker 1 at the server 1 if they are not busy. The processing time of server 1 will adjust proportionally to the number of workers working at the server. (There is a 4th worker whose task is to move parts to the server 3 or the sink. But I don't think it plays any role in the problem.) I've implemented some processes so that workers work at the right server. It was working perfectly. But then, as I modified the model to add the variable processing time, the Interrupt steps in the processes don't work anymore. Indeed, the worker 2 or 3 stay at the server 2 or 3 and don't go to help the worker 1 when servers 2 or 3 are blocked, or idle. As well, if workers 2 or 3 are busy at server 1 they are not interrupted when a part arrive to the server 2 or 3. I hope I'm clear enough. I've enclosed the model so that you can better picture the problem. Thank you for your attention and thank you in advance for any help I may get! three_workers_Interrupt.spfx
  4. thanks for your help but no. It was really great that the 3 workers were all busy at the same time at the server one. But if the worker 2 or 3 is seized at the server 2 or 3, the remaining workers that stay at the server 1 should continue to work instead of waiting . so entities could be processed at the 3 server at the same time if necessary.
  5. Thanks a lot it an interesting way to model my case. It allow at least that workers 2 and 3 always come back to the 1st server as soon as they finish the work at server 2 or 3. However my problem is not totally solved, during worker 2 or 3 are busy at stations 2 or 3, workers at the first station are idle. Is there any features that would permitt workers continues to work at the first station even if there is only 1 or 2 workers? Thanks in Advance!
  6. Hello everybody! I need some help to model a workers logic. I already read most of topics about workers and went through the MoveableOperator and InterruptibleWorker simbits. I have a line with 3 stations and 3 workers. The 3 of them can work at the first server. Then only 1 (that is identify) can work at the 2nd server and only another one (also identify can work at the 3rd server. I want that the 3 of them work initially at the 1st server. As soon as an entity arrive at the 2nd or 3rd server, the identify worker be seized to do the job at the correct station. After the job is done at the 2nd or 3rd station, I want the worker to be released to be seized again at the 1st station so that it help to finish th work in process at 1st server. The problem can be set in another way. Each server as an accredited worker and worker from servers 2 and 3 can be seized by the 1st server if they have no work at their own station. I've already tried several things but it never work how I wanted. The biggest problem was th e following. there is a worker that is seized by the wrong entity or entities wait to finish a process to seize a worker. So if I understand well the Simio logic and if it's possible, I need to know how to command which entity have to seize which worker and how to seize a worker during an entity is processed. Thanks in advance!!
  7. Hi! Actually it's still different. I have a random value that could come from a normal distribution and this value repeats randomly between 2 and 10 times. But anyway I'll see with these hints. Thank's a lot!!
  8. Hi, Thanks but my problem is not how to assign a value. I can already do it and it work. My problem is more about the statistics, how to assign the right distribution. So far I assigned a value following a normal distribution (random.normale(m, s)) but it doesn't match to the reality at all. I need to modelize time series. so is there special features in simio that could help me to do it? Thanks in advance, Pierre
  9. Hi! I try to modelize a production process. All my entities are of the type. But I want to give at each entity parameters such as height and length. I want that Simio generate it randomly in a state variable as an entity exit the source. My problem is the those parameters don't follow a standard distrubution as a normal ou triangular one. It follows time series (chronological series). Since it's a current pattern in production, I was wondering if there is a simple way to implement it in Simio? Thank you in advance! Pierre (I hope it's clear enough? Don't hesitate to ask me precisions if it isn't.)
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