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  1. Add a state in your report using the State Statistic element. If you need that each server report its own state, it's best to create a custom server and add a State Statistic element inside it. Check the attached model for reference. State on report.spfx
  2. Why won't they empty? Are the nodes closed? If you have a process that opens the flow nodes, try triggering this process with an Execute step.
  3. Try using ModelEntity.BatchMembers in your processing time expression. I believe it'll work.
  4. It should be the default unit Cubic Meters per Hour. If you assign a new unit to an object property, Simio's backend will continue to calculate using the default unit; Watch out for bottlenecks. Maybe there is a low flow rate node holding the whole system.
  5. There's a lot of ways to solve this. Wait step is one of them. I made an example using the Monitor element (check the attached model). When the monitor sees that all four tank are full, it runs a process to empty them. If the Split Allocation Rule property in the Output Flow Control of your flow nodes is set to Evenly If Possible, then you shouldn't be having this problem, unless your pipe is messing up with the math. But if want to force a value to transfer, you could create another monitor monitoring Output@YourTank.FlowRegulator.CurrentVolumeFlowOut that shuts the valve when your desired volume flows out. FillingTanks.spfx
  6. Set Output Link Rule property of your node to By Link Weight. Then set Selection Weight property of your links to Entity.State and 1-Entity.State. This means that when Entity.State = 1 (True), one link weight will be 1 and the other 0, and vice-versa when Entity.State = 0 (False). Check the attached model for reference. ByLinkWeight.spfx
  7. Create processes that are triggered by YourTank.Full and YourTank.Empty events and set the Output@YourTank.FlowRegulator.Enabled to True or False to open or close the tank's valve. Silimar to how I did in this other post. Also, Output@YourTank.FlowRegulator.CurrentMaximumFlowRate might be useful if you're having trouble your tank's flow rate. Keep us posted if you need more help.
  8. At some point I would start looking for a SCADA system, write it in Python or anything outside Simio. A Simio Engineer would be better suited to help you, but I still believe you could build this inside Simio (maybe through an API?). I manage to build a very ugly version of this that kinda works. It's not real real-time, because I still need to click on the manual import button (I don't know how to help you with this). I set my source's Arrival Mode to On Event; Create a process with a Decide step that checks if the table received a new value: If it received a new value, trigger SourceEvent; If it didn't, check again a second later. As I said, it's not very elegant, but I hope it inspires you to find the right solution.
  9. Updating the data mid-run isn't a good simulation practice, unless you're building some gimmicky application. But I manage to work this out with this little guy in the Table Ribbon. Have you tried it yet?
  10. You change entities symbol through thier ModelEntity.Picture state. Select your entity and Add Additional Symbol in the Symbol tab; Customize the new symbol however you want; Look for servers State Assignment; Assign a new value to ModelEntity.Picture (0: default symbol; 1: new symbol). Check the attached model in this post if you need help. Change Entity Picture.spfx
  11. Alternatively, you could limit the number of entities created by the source. Check Maximum Arrivals property under your source's Stopping Conditions.
  12. I'm not sure, because I never done this course. Maybe something like this?
  13. If you right-click on the Standard Library you'll see a Show Deprecated Objects option. The Workstation should appear in your library after that, but you could try to solve this using servers instead as a bonus challenge.
  14. Let me see if I understood correctly. You want something like this? Create a Timer Element and set its Time Offset to a referenced property: Then create a process that ends the run (through the EndRun step) when the timer triggers:
  15. If you look at the list of animations of a symbol (as shown in my previous reply), you'll see the animation 21 (Sleep), assuming you're looking at a animated person symbol. So set the Current Animation Index of your ModelEntity to something like this: Math.If( condition when your entity is bed , 21 , index of the animation when it's not in bed )
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