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  1. What happened with the Simio animation contest? any news?
  2. If what you are looking for is to define a specific row in a table you might check the SET ROW step. Rds.
  3. Hi Sebastian I've made you an example, hope you find it helpful. Rds. Processing Time Countdown.spfx
  4. Sebastian, I don't know if this is what you need, but maybe if you change the paths to connectors and set the 4th server input buffer to 0 it might work. rds. block_test1.spfx
  5. I was wondering if is it possible to set a different speed for the Cab. The bridge is usually twice faster than the cab (aprox 120m/min vs 60m/min). I've tried to modify the crane object, but it's out of my league. Have anyone addressed this matter before? Thank you very much.
  6. Heidy, maybe you can do it using 2 timers. The first one for the starting time and the second one for the 3 hrs period. You can also use the first timer and a Delay step of 3hrs, then a Fire step. Rds
  7. I'm starting to use it. So far "great work!". I'm currently using the Clone feature. I'll give you some feedback if I can. Rds. and thanks for sharing
  8. Thank you very much Caleb. Delay & Clear Statistics works perfectly. Rds.
  9. I was wondeing if is there any way of doing a warm up period for the model. I know that's easy to do in the experiments mode, but It whould be great to be able to do it somehow in the facility view. Any suggestions? Rds.
  10. I need to simulate a crane moving entities between different points. But the problem is the load and unload time are not the same in all those points. I need to be able to define somehow the crane load & unload time as a variable (node depending). I wonder if anyone has dealed with this problem before? Rds.
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