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  1. Hi Jeff. I'm looking at it. I'll try and split it into smaller files. Give me a day. Thanks... - dan
  2. SimioVisio.mp4 Simio is developing a common exchange mechanism for importing drawings from Visio and other apps. This Topic describes how drawings are imported from Visio (.VSDX files; Visio 2013 or later). This is a run-time release (with code to soon follow). It has a *lot* of bug fixes, plus the addition of a preview tab in the Visio2018 Add-In. The included video has been updated along with the addition of a source-code package. Contained are: 1. A document that describes the procedure and the architecture. 2. A simple example which includes an Add-In (Vis
  3. Recently we were asked how Simio might interact with GIS Data. Attached is a PDF document explaining how Simio can interact with GIS Service Providers, plus a demonstration Add-In (GisAddIn) that constructs Simio nodes and paths using GIS data obtained from Microsoft's Bing Maps service. I will eventually get around to adding Google and ArcGIS. There is also the Simio project file that this Add-In 'built'. In a nutshell. The Add-In pops up a form where you can enter a start and end destination, and then Requests a road route between those destinations. Once the Response data is received
  4. Hi ebabtain, Your instincts are correct. The ExcelReadWrite Add-In only reads in each worksheet once. This is by design, since the steps are generally executed many times and very quickly, and re-reading the file would consume a great deal of time. Within the ExcelReadWrite Add-In there is a worksheet cache of sheets (called _sheets) that is checked against and does not bother to read the file if the worksheet if it is already cached. So, I would suggest a few possibilities: 1. Modify the Add-In to remove the caching. or 2. Use another Add-In (such as text file read-write...
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