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  1. My company is developing a big model that simulates the arrival of passengers to an airport. It is important to us to control the randomness of the model for two reasons: - We want to be able to replicate the outputs of an experiment if the changes had not been significant. - When running different scenarios where only part of the configuration has changed, the part of the model that has not changed should remain the same. It is possible to control the random generated number of the distributions that Simio offers, but we hadn’t been able to fix the randomness
  2. And also, not only do I want to select one randomly, but taking into account one column that would have the weight. For example, 80% of "Type A" that are "Good" goes to "Server_1" and 20% to Server_2. Basically use RandomRow to a table filtering for more than 1 foreign key
  3. Thanks for the response. I will use nodes instead of stations. But your solution doesn´t cover my problem completely. That list where you are picking nodes randomly is only filtering for types of entity A or B. I want also to take into account other columns, like the quality one. The problem is when you know that your entity is of type A and good, then is when I would like to select randomly only one of the possible destinations.
  4. In the attached model, I want to transfer entities to stations depending on some criteria defined in a table. I have 2 types of entities, "A" and "B", defined in a table as primary keys. Also I have 2 states, "Good" or "Bad", also in a table as primary key. Finally I have 3 stations. I have a table that has 3 columns, “Entity_Type”, “Quality_Type” and “Station”. For example a row could be "A"; "Good"; "Station 1". It is possible for entity "A" with "Good" quality to end up in either "Station 1" or "Station 2", and in that case I want to randomly select one. The problem
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