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  1. As we approach our final stage of our bachelor studies, it is necessary to write a bachelor thesis. In this context we are developing a Simio Plugin, which enables advanced model-management and more important, model-comparison. Our main objective is to provide the Simio Community a properly working Plugin, which improves the modelling process itself and the usability within large Simio-projects. What could you expect? Functionality We separate the plugin in two logical components. The first one is called Modelmanagement. The features of this component are the following: • Versioning models • Clone an existing model The interesting part on this feature is the clone mechanic. You are now able to create an identic clone of an existing Simio-model, which can be altered afterwards. This functionality is key to the comparison process. With this clone-function, each clone now represents a version of your base-model. The clones can be altered autonomically. It enables to test and experiment with the behavior of your model, without many workarounds. It may help you to even optimize your model. The second and more focused feature is the ModelComparer. Once you are done cloning and altering your models, this feature helps you to compare several experiments. The comparison isn’t only limited to experiments within one model, you can compare all the cloned experiments as well. Our model-comparison compares responses of several, different experiments. You can now compare all your clones to determine which one is the most efficient. What are we delivering at this point and why? Attached to this post you can find several files. To ease the installation and setup process of the Plugin, we also created an installer. The installer will setup the required changes and files for our Plugin. It is easy to use and enables the full functionality, like a normal software-installer. Second, we wrote a short manual to show you the features of the Plugin and illustrated it with pictures. Our goal is to gahter feedback as early as possible. Currently, we are in the middle of development and are eager to improve the tool even more. We ask you for your feedback, because it is very important for us to find out, if the tool is viable, how its usability is and if the provided functionality is even appreciated within the community. As we mentioned we are halfway through the development-process, the possibility is given, that some bugs or errors may occur. We also would be very pleased if you could take the time to report these and your experience with the tool and fill in the online survey. Your feedback is very appreciated! Link to the online Survey: http://30raqy.findmind.ch Thank you, Philipp Bütikofer Anthony Delay HSR - Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil Oberseestrasse 10 8640 Rapperswil ModelComparison.zip UserManual.pdf SimioToolsInstaller.zip
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