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  1. Hi All, I've got a simulation that creates entities based on a data table - premiumCustomers and regularCustomers. I've got a tally defined PremCustWaitTillService that tallies: Run.TimeNow - ModelEntity.TimeCreated for premiumCustomers. If the premiumCustomer waits longer than 5 minutes, I want to be able to tally these events such that at the end of the simulation I can see x discounts have been awarded to premiumCustomers in the results stats in a tally stat called CountDiscountsGiven. I might have a couple of issues that I am confused on here. In particular: Using an entity's wait time as a conditional statement for assignment in Processes. When the premiumCustomer enters the server (processing), I tally PremCustWaitTillService with Value: Run.TimeNow - ModelEntity.TimeCreated. I imagine a conditional that states something like If PremCustWaitTillService > 5 I updated a tallystat CountDiscountsGiven + 1 but I can't seem to get it to work - I don't see any entities changing color (as I've set them to if they wait longer than 5). I've attached my file because my terminology may be off - the sim runs but no CountDiscountsGiven values show up. SpeedeeCarRentalNew.spfx
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