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  1. Hello, Very smart solution ! Thank you very much, my schedule is now running perfectly.
  2. Thanks Jzhou, UNfortunately setting this option to True did not behave as I expected. I am using the following Arrival Table: With the timer having "Repeat Arrival Pattern" set to True The simulation runs OK until 17:15, then it starts repeating the table pattern by adding 5:15 hours ---> hence a new trigger happens at 22:15, It looks like the "Repeat Arrival Pattern" option does not take into account the date itself, but rather the time slot duration between two events.
  3. I need to build a simulation of a train maintenance workshop. Each of the trains are entering and exiting the workshop with always the same daily schedule (day-hour-minute). I have set up two arrival tables (one for train arrival, the other for train departure) which trigger two timers, and it works well. My current problem is that the simulation should now run over 1 year (simulation time). The arrival table is expecting a time AND a date, and I am looking for a smart solution to avoid writing repeatedly the same schedule for the 365 days of the year in an Exel file. Thanks for your suggestions
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