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  1. Hi Alex, Thanks for the tip. However, even if i recreate the state variable and the process from scratch I always get "The specified name was not found" as an error from my Assign step even if i select it from the drop down menu of "State Variable" in the Basic logic of my Assign. I'm trying other things right now ... pretty sure it is a stupid mistake but can't see it for now Tks again Janik
  2. Hi All, I'm currently using a old working model and copy-pasted a process from another working model. The process uses a couple of assign using ModelEntity State variables. However when I recreate them in the model where I copied the process, I can't use them I always get an error (and orange box). Those State variables were working find in the old model. Anyone knows why I can't copy them in another model ? Tks to all. Janik
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