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  1. Hello I have a problem with my model because I do not know how I can make my vehicle find a specific entity. I have 2 different entities located in different servers, and I need a specific amount of this entity in another server (called zone), the vehicle takes it to the zone. For example, I need 20 from entity 1 and 10 from entity 2, and the vehicle takes the first 20 entities 1 and then the other 10 entities 2 to the zone and the vehicle stop , and when entity 1 leaves the zone, the vehicle finds an entity 1 and take it to the zone. There should always be 20 entities 1 and 10 entities 2 in the zone. Sorry for my english hahaha please help me, I'm try but I didn't succeed
  2. Hello My problem is that I want to generate 60 repetitions in an experiment, but separately: 30 reps and another 30 ... but I do not know how to do a random number synchronization to generate a new "seed" for the random numbers, so that the scenarios of 30 replicates each do not have the same results. Please help
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