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  1. To clarify, I am hoping to "wait" because I want one stream of entities to be prioritized over another. Emergency patients, for example, should be able to seize an operating room before non-emergency patients. If there is a more elegant approach to this, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I would like a model entity to wait to seize a resource until the entity is at the head of the queue (is the next person to be served). I do not want the resource seizes to happen while other entities still exist ahead, waiting to be served. What is the Event Condition (Wait step in Processes) that might make this possible?
  3. In model experiments, does the expression "server1.Processing.Contents.AverageTimeWaiting" yield the average time spent in servers (averaged across throughput entities)? If not, what would be the right response expression?
  4. I agree, it works when I use the expression on the "Entities Per Arrival" field. But it does not work for me when I enter the expression under "Other Arrival Stream Options > Arrival Events Per Time Slot" (where entities per arrival is set to 1). I'm using arrival events per time slot vs. entities per arrival because I am NOT looking for batch arrivals. I want multiple independent arrivals (each with their own realized arrival time deviations and no-show probabilities) per each time slot.
  5. I have an appointment time table that designates when arrivals occur. I would like the "Arrival Events Per Time Slot" to vary with time -- I've tried something like this: Math.If(((DateTime.Hour(TimeNow)>6)&&(DateTime.Hour(TimeNow)<=10)),1,2) (1 arrival between 6-10am, 2 arrivals any time after that), but it seems the arrival events per time slot is fixed at the time the simulation starts. When I start my simulation at 7am, I get 1 arrival/slot until the simulation ends at 6pm. If I start at 5am, I get 2 arrivals even between 6-10am. Are there any workarounds to this? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Is it possible to change model entity types in the middle of a simulation? I am looking to "re-label" the model entity type -- if that makes any sense. In my current model, model entities have different routing sequences based on type. I would like be able to change, for example, a type A model entity into a type B model entity at some point, without having the entity forget its previous routing history and previous states. After that, naturally I would re-route the newly labeled type B model entity following type B model entities' routing sequences. Would appreciate any suggestions! Thank you.
  7. What is the main difference between [Resource] > Resource State > TimeProcessing and Processing > Holding Time > Time In Station? I see both statistics for a single server.
  8. I am having issues with having different entities arriving according to different arrival tables. With entities as foreign keys, I keep getting an error about rows being implicitly selected. Attached is my error message, entity types table and arrival table with entity types as a foreign key. I've also attached the properties I've set for my source. I am not able to attach my model here, but hope this makes sense.
  9. I am modeling a healthcare environment where model entities (patients) are assigned to workers (physicians). For each model entity I keep track of which physician each patient is assigned to (Object Reference State Variable in ModelEntity) and use the same physician through multiple exam steps. Now I would like to count how many patient assignments a physician has, and assign patients to physicians by seizing physicians with the smallest number of patient assignments. How can I add a NumAssignments feature to workers? I've tried adding Model state variables (Transporter Reference State Variable in Model Definitions>States), but it doesn't show up in the selection expression for resource seizes. What I am looking for is something along the lines of: seize Physician with selection goal SmallestValue and selection expression Physician.NumAssignments. I would appreciate any feedback/suggestions. Thank you!
  10. Thank you, but would you mind elaborating/offering an example? I am very new to Simio...
  11. Is it possible to release a resource after a model entity departs the system? I am trying to model a case when an exam room in a hospital is cleaned after a patient leaves the system. The exam room should not be made available to other patients prior to cleaning. It seems the default is to release all associated resources when an entity departs the system. Thanks in advance!
  12. I have the same issue -- would you be able to help? I tried using foreign keys but I keep getting an error that says: "cannot select row 1 of MixPercentage (column I use for generating the % of different entities) because row 1 has been implicitly selected by the ArrivalTable (table I use to specify arrival times for different entities)". Entities are my PKs. Any thoughts?
  13. Is it possible to do probabilistic routing? I have multiple model entities that have different sequences -- for this I am using a sequence table. However, when I set the entity destination type "by sequence", I do not see a probabilistic option (with some probability I want to go back to the previous server). I know probabilistic task sequences are possible. Is it possible to do probabilistic destination routing sequences? For a SimBit example, I have been referring to "Servers using task sequences with data tables". Essentially I want the JobSteps in the JobRoutings Sequence Table to be probabilistic. Hope the question is clear, and thanks in advance for your help.
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