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  1. Hi, I'm trying to model a tank that contains a fluid, say, water. The amount of water in the tank should increase continually by 30 litres per hour. When the tank contains 1000 litres, some vehicle should be requested to transport 800 litres of water to someplace else. I figured that a level state can be used to represent the volume of water in the tank, with a rate of 30 (per hour?). However, I couldn't figure out the following things: - Which object from the library should I use to represent the tank? - How do I trigger the request of the vehicle (multiple times, as the process will continue after the first arrival)? - Is it possible to animate the tank? I tried to make the height of an object dependent on the value of Volume, but the program didn't let me do this. Thanks in advance, Kasper Kisjes
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