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  1. Hi Basem, Are all the routes different among your products? I am not sure for the solution to what you have asked. But have you thought about making your products they Reference key? This would reduce the number of keys. Or is there any way products can be aggregated to reduce the number? Maybe some of them have the same first route? Or similar properties. I know this is not a solution, but am just throwing some ideas here. In fact, I am having a somehow similar problem in my model.
  2. Hi everyone, I am working on a project that has more than 2,000 different arrival distributions. The distributions are all exponential, but they all change over time. To illustrate: suppose I am modeling 30 companies around the world, each company with a group of suppliers (or clients), each supplier (or client) with a group of parts (or orders) that will be arriving in my company to be processed. Each one of these parts coming from each supplier to each company (I will call it a combination) has its own distribution that changes over time. [this is an analogy to my problem] If
  3. Hi, How can I change a state variable of a flow entity? For example, I want to change the color (i.e. picture state) of the entity based on the flow connector that the entity enters. Any suggestions how to do that (apart from converting the flow entity into a discrete entity and then back to a flow entity)? Especially, because flow connectors do not have Add-On processes. Any ideas are appreciated. I have already reviewed the SimBits for flow library and could not figure out. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have few questions about workers. I have a model where there are 5 types of workers. A specific number of workers will be seized (let's suppose 10), but some will be seized using a "specific" seize request and some will be seized using different lists. After that, I want to move all workers with the entity to another server. Ideally, I want to move all of them using a few vehicles (more than 1), because I also have transporters restrictions (which makes me think that maybe is better modeling the workers as an entity). But before I take this path, I want to know if: 1. Is it poss
  5. Hey, I am modeling a system that has a large number of stations (e.g. 50). I created a Data Table with as Element column related to my Stations. I am transferring entities from a Source (and later from a Node) to the Stations and therefore I need to End Transfer. I would like to do this "automatically". That is, I don't want to create 50 processes where the triggering event is StationName.Entered I was trying to use the information from my Data Table: TableName[RowNumberRelatedToStation].ColumnNameOfStationElement.Entered I had a status label for: TableName[RowNumberRelatedToStat
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