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  1. Hi David, I can help in translating to Buglarian. But...guess Bulgaria is not a big market for you and you may not be interested.
  2. I got it! - objects from the Standard Library do not appear in the Navigation window. However - creating a new object from the available classes ( fixed class, entity class...etc available through Project Home>New Model) will bring such objects in the navigation window. Which is logical - those custom objects need customization on all their aspects (processes, properties, states, events..). Sorry for keeping you busy people. It appears that 3 hours experimenting with the software spares 10 minutes of reading the documentation. Next time I will be a good boy
  3. Thanks Petr - will try this approach! Nice day
  4. Yes, the external table has all the needed info. But I want to be flexible in using those tables for modelling production processes. Meaning - for modelling one production process I might needed 5 workstations, whereas when modelling another process I might need only 2. And my idea is when the model runs, based on the info in the table the model dynamically creates the needed number of workstations. A work-around is to create a model with N workstations, where N is sufficiently large to cover potential needs of workstations. Some years ago I was using Awesim (guess you know that system based on SLAM). In Awesim if an entity needed a resource and that resource was not existing, the system will automatically create and instance of the Resource node, thus allowing for dynamic creation of resources in the model. All this was packed in the sub-network functionality of Awesim. Anyway - guess the work-around approach will do me the job I need. Thanks for your time Dave!
  5. Sorry for the mess on putting this question here... I got mixed up from a screenshot of the Navigation Window shown in the on-line Help. It shows a "MyWorkstation" object apart of the "ModelEntity" and the "Model" object. Obviously I need to finish reading the chapter. Anyway - wonderful product Dave - you people did a super job!
  6. Dave - it's Saturday and I see you are here to help such newcomers to Simio like me ! Yes - I do mean creating fixed object at run time (while the model is running). But I will try also your suggestion below. Hey - have a wonderful day! Thanks again.
  7. Hi Not sure if this post is in the appropriate place, but let me ask my question. I got Simio 9 - Academic license. I made a simple Source-Server-Sink model connected with the Path objects. However - in the Navigation window I don't see these objects. I see only the ModelEntity, the Model and the Experiment folder with the experiment I created. Reading through the book "Simio and Simulation: modelling, analysis, applications" it says the if I need to add properties to an object, I need to select that object in the Navigation window (pp.132-133)...but as I said - I dont see my objects... Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Thanks Dave. I need dynamic creation of fixed objects (servers, workstations) for a data driven model of manufacturing processes. The data, structured in an external table contains (in general) the following information for each item to be produced: - the sequence of workstations through which the item needs to pass - processing times data - batch quantities When running the model, it reads the data from the table and implements the logic I had described below. In short - the data contains not only processing sequences and times but also builds the model of the manufacturing system. Ofcourse - the assumption that transport times from one workstation to the other in this case is 0. I don't know if I was clear...
  9. Hi everybody Not sure if opening a new topic is the best way, but I did not manage to find (even with Search) a discussion on the possibility to create fixed objects (servers, workstations or objects of fixed class) in a dynamic way. Here is what I mean: Entity enters the model if(the needed fixed object exists) -> entity is routed to that object else a new fixed object is created entity is routed to that object I tried the Create step in a process, but as far as I can go this step creates an Agent type of object. I'd appreciate any suggestions, ideas, feedback - thanks people!
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