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  1. I got it! - objects from the Standard Library do not appear in the Navigation window. However - creating a new object from the available classes ( fixed class, entity class...etc available through Project Home>New Model) will bring such objects in the navigation window. Which is logical - those custom objects need customization on all their aspects (processes, properties, states, events..). Sorry for keeping you busy people. It appears that 3 hours experimenting with the software spares 10 minutes of reading the documentation. Next time I will be a good boy
  2. Sorry for the mess on putting this question here... I got mixed up from a screenshot of the Navigation Window shown in the on-line Help. It shows a "MyWorkstation" object apart of the "ModelEntity" and the "Model" object. Obviously I need to finish reading the chapter. Anyway - wonderful product Dave - you people did a super job!
  3. Hi Not sure if this post is in the appropriate place, but let me ask my question. I got Simio 9 - Academic license. I made a simple Source-Server-Sink model connected with the Path objects. However - in the Navigation window I don't see these objects. I see only the ModelEntity, the Model and the Experiment folder with the experiment I created. Reading through the book "Simio and Simulation: modelling, analysis, applications" it says the if I need to add properties to an object, I need to select that object in the Navigation window (pp.132-133)...but as I said - I dont see my objects... Am I doing something wrong?
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