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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks so much for the quick reply. I took your advice and scaled everything down by 10. At least this way, everything runs pretty quickly and I can focus on building in the rest of the logic. The sim actually does run without scaling down in 64-bit mode (it may run in 32-bit mode, but I perhaps did not wait sufficiently long), but it is quite slow. Thanks again! Bruce
  2. I'm trying to initialize a model with over a 100,000 entities of the same type. However, when I do so, I get a warning "the number of active entities in the simulation has exceeded 20,000 objects". If I continue, Simio basically crashes after a few minutes. I tried to scale everything down by a factor of 1000, but then when I try to create entities in quantities < 1, it doesn't seem any entities get created. So my question is how do I balance out the need to have 100,000+ entities and the need to be able to create new ones on a much smaller scale (10s for example). Thanks
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